About the Studio

Hello! My name is Tom Foster. I offer one-on-one piano lessons to both adults and children. The studio is conveniently located a few minutes’ walk from Porter Square. Although I call it my studio, it’s also one half of my living room; this makes for a relaxed space in which to study. Currently, I have about 30 students. There are child students of various skill levels, advanced adult students, and many adult beginners.

In the Studio

Pictured to the left is the Baldwin upright, which is used in lessons, and the music library. Also in the studio is a copy of an 18th Century piano which is sometimes used in lessons. In particular, intermediate and advanced students can use it for playing the music of Mozart, Haydn, Beethoven, and composers of that era. There is also an Italian harpsichord.

For parents waiting during lessons, there is comfortable seating in the room with the piano. Parents are encouraged to listen during lessons; this helps you better assist your child in practicing at home. However, since most are very busy, there is also work space and Wi-Fi in the next room.

Recitals and Events

At the end of the summer term, a student recital is held for the young students; for adult students, a summer BBQ. Masterclasses for advanced students are in the works. These will be informal sessions for 3-4 advanced students to play their pieces for each other, and to receive and offer criticism.

Important Updates


Early registration for the Fall Term is over, but you can still sign up! See the Lessons page for more information.